Frugal Foodie Mama: 3 Simple Hacks to Prevent Frozen Treat Drips

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

3 Simple Hacks to Prevent Frozen Treat Drips

3 Simple Hacks to Prevent Frozen Treat Drips via #itsallgood #sponsor
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My little one just loves eating a popsicle on a hot summer afternoon or evening.  
And I like giving her popsicles, but what I love even more is treating her to healthier frozen fruit bars especially when they are packed with real fruit and creamy milk like the new Fruttare Fruit and Milk Bars. ;)
But what I do not like is the drippy, sticky, inevitable mess that comes with giving an easily distracted toddler a frozen fruit bar on an 80 degree, sunny day.

After doing a little Googling, I found some pretty simple and easy solutions for preventing or at the very least greatly reducing the frozen treat drips, folks.
And I am going to share the 3 best ones that I found with you all now...

3 Simple Hacks to Prevent Frozen Treat Drips via #itsallgood #sponsor
The next time you are grabbing your morning coffee to go from your favorite convenience store or coffee shop ask for a few extra to-go coffee lids.  
Simply turn the lid upside down, slip the frozen treat stick through the slot you would normally sip from, and enjoy! 
The verdict? This is a great option if your little ones eat their melty treats fairly quickly, but not my first choice for the dawdlers like my daughter. The sipping hole is just a little too big and because it is also off center, it allows a decent amount of drips to slip through and down onto little fingers.

3 Simple Hacks to Prevent Frozen Treat Drips via #itsallgood #sponsor
I was skeptical about the cupcake liner because I thought for sure that it would be too flimsy and that drips would end up soaking through the paper, but I was wrong! This was actually my favorite of the three hacks. :)
Just cut a small slit in the center of the cupcake liner and insert the frozen treat stick.  Baby girl was left virtually drip free when we used the cupcake liner.

3 Simple Hacks to Prevent Frozen Treat Drips via #itsallgood #sponsor
And hack #3 is good ole Dixie cup!  You know those little disposable cups that you usually use for the bathroom?
Cut a slit in the center of the bottom of the cup and insert your stick. 
This one also worked very well! Bonus if your kiddos can quickly slurp the drips in the cup before they find their way to the slit for the stick. ;)

3 Simple Hacks to Prevent Frozen Treat Drips via #itsallgood #sponsor

Have you tried any of these drip-free hacks before? Which one is your favorite? 

Forget sugary popsicles when reaching for a sweet, frozen treat for the kiddos at the grocery store! Fruttare Fruit and Milk Bars are made with real fruit and creamy milk. Or try the Fruttare Fruit and Juice bars made with refreshing juice and fresh fruit. :)
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