Frugal Foodie Mama: 6 Holiday Treats for Easy Christmas Gift Giving

Sunday, November 23, 2014

6 Holiday Treats for Easy Christmas Gift Giving

Make gifts from the heart (and straight to the tummy) with these 6 Holiday Treats for Easy Christmas Gift Giving...

Six Holiday Gifts for Easy Christmas Gift Giving- start checking off that holiday gift list with these easy DIY edible gifts!

Go ahead and get started on your holiday gift list with these 6 Holiday Treats perfect for easy Christmas gift giving! :) And after you have checked out all 6 of these easy and tasty DIY gift ideas, be sure to scroll down and get entered to win the HUGE Bake Your Holidays Gifts Giveaway below... :)

And let's put a little bit of a spotlight on some of the awesome and generous sponsors of today's giveaway- and Core Home Products

**Both companies provided me with some fabulous products, but I was not compensated for this post or co-hosting this giveaway in any other way. All opinions are my own. :)

Find all your personalized holiday needs at!

I am seriously in love the holiday ornament/cards that I ordered from Minted this year.  I have to be honest- I am usually a HUGE slacker when it comes to sending out Christmas cards.  

I actually didn't really mail any out last year.  But Minted made it SO easy for me to put together beautiful personalized holiday cards that also double as ornaments. 

I really do love this idea of creating holiday ornaments to send as cards- you are sending loved ones keepsakes & not just a card that they will probably end up tossing out come New Year's. 

Bamboo Baker's Pastry Board and Rolling Pin from Core Home Products

I just love this pastry board, folks! It is huge, so it is perfect for whatever dough you may be rolling out- pie crust, cookie dough for cut-out cookies, pizza dough, pretty much anything.  

And with it's over-the-counter-edge stability lip, you don't have to worry about it slipping on you no matter how hard you roll.  And to make it super easy for you, it is marked with circles for pie crusts and edged with a ruler for bread or other square or rectangular dough, as well as a measurement conversion table! :) 

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