Frugal Foodie Mama: DIY Mommy's Little Helper Cleaning Caddy

Monday, November 10, 2014

DIY Mommy's Little Helper Cleaning Caddy

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DIY Mommy's Little Helper Cleaning Caddy via - Let the little ones "help" while you clean up! #InstaClean #shop
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If your little ones are anything like my little one, they are probably always wanting to "help" especially when you just need to do a quick 10 Minute Clean around the house. And while we certainly do not want to discourage our little ones from helping around the house and learning responsibility, we also know how much more work our little helpers can sometimes create for us as they are "helping". ;)

So, I decided to come up with a fun way that little miss could "help" mama while we hustled to get everything sparkling for unexpected guests.  I created a cute DIY Mommy's Little Helper Cleaning Caddy for her with simple items you can pick up at just about any dollar store!

All you need is a small plastic caddy, an empty spray bottle (usually you can find these with the travel toiletries), a couple of sponges, & a microfiber or dusting cloth. And just for giggles, I added an adult-sized pair of rubber cleaning gloves to it which little miss thought was hilarious.  If you can find child-sized cleaning gloves, bonus points to you! :)
DIY Mommy's Little Helper Cleaning Caddy via - Let the little ones "help" while you clean up! #InstaClean #shop
Little miss set to work right away on a bit of crayon art she decided would look best on our living room wall.  
Please tell me I am not the only mama who has various crayon drawings in random spots on her walls! Luckily, we always buy washable crayons... ;)

DIY Mommy's Little Helper Cleaning Caddy via - Let the little ones "help" while you clean up! #InstaClean #shop
While little miss was busy "scrubbing", her daddy and I got to work on sprucing up the house in a jiff using our arsenal of favorite cleaning products that I had picked up at our local Kroger- Windex®, Pledge®for Multi Surface, and Pledge® furniture polish...
We have seriously become the masters of the 10 Minute Clean.  Here are our 5 biggest tips for giving your home an #InstaClean :
  • Only focus on the rooms your unexpected guests will most likely be in. For us, that is the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Close the doors to all other rooms and don't worry about those.
  • Giving everything a quick wipe down with Windex® and Pledge® Multi Surface will instantly get things sparkling in each room you are cleaning. Focus on those areas your guests are most likely to notice and that tend to collect the most dust- like the television screen, coffee table, counter tops, and mirrors.
  • Do a quick run through with the vacuum cleaner in carpeted areas. Alternately, you can give a quick sweep on hard floors- no mopping necessary! Trust me- no one will notice.
  • Burn a candle or two. Pretty scents are always pleasing.
  • Grab an empty laundry basket and quickly walk through each room you are focusing on and pick up stray books, papers, toys, shoes, etc. Now drop that basket off in one of those rooms with the closed doors. ;) You can always sort through it after your guests have left.
What is your top tip for giving your home an #InstaClean when unexpected guests pop in?
How do you safely get your little ones involved with helping to clean?

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