Frugal Foodie Mama: 5 Tips for Curbing Road Trip Motion Sickness

Thursday, June 18, 2015

5 Tips for Curbing Road Trip Motion Sickness

Kick nausea to the curb on that next road trip with these 5 Tips for Curbing Road Trip Motion Sickness...

Kick nausea to the curb on that next road trip with these 5 Tips for Curbing Road Trip Motion Sickness.
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I think that it goes without saying that I love to travel. Whether taking road trips with my family or flying solo across the country for a foodie adventure, I love the thrill of exploring a new place. :) But what many people probably don't know about me is that I have suffered from some serious motion sickness ever since I was a kid. 

In fact, I still vividly remember the summer that my grandparents embarked with my sister and I on a mission to visit a different area of West Virginia each week while we were off from school. Though I love the fun memories we made that summer, I mostly still remember those day trips because of how many times I had to ask my grandpa to pull the van over because I felt absolutely nauseous. 

You see, we do not have very many straight roads on the back hills of West Virginia. In fact, there are a lot of hairpin turns on our roads through the hills and mountains. We have another name for those types of turns, but I will spare you that term since I like to keep things PG-ish around here. ;)

Motion sickness has followed me into my adult travels as well. Mountain highways still make my stomach turn. Rough waters while in a small boat leave me darting for the side railing. And I once even had to grab that little white bag as the plane was landing on the runway in Denver. Talk about a walk of shame as I exited that plane!

Over the years, I have learned some methods and tips for helping to curb that motion sickness making for much more pleasant travels for all involved. The tips below are more specific to road trips, but you could employ almost all of these in any instance where you are experiencing nausea due to motion sickness...

1. Never sit in the back! Always sit up front. An even better option? Volunteer to drive! I can honestly say that I have never suffered motion sickness while sitting in the driver's seat for a road trip. :)

2. Try to avoid reading! And this is always a hard one for me because I think that a 3+ hour drive is the perfect time for me to catch up on my magazine reading or with friends on social media, but I always end up paying the price when I do...

5 Tips for Curbing Road Trip Motion Sickness- give nausea the boot on your next road trip! #Dramamine #CG

3. Have something clear & bubbly to sip on like lemon-lime soda or ginger ale. The bubbles helps soothe an upset stomach, and a natural ginger ale is a fabulous choice for those of us who suffer motion sickness because the natural properties of ginger help alleviate nausea.

4. Make frequent stops so you can get out, walk around a little, and get some fresh air. Pull off at a gas station, a rest stop, or even a safe area to the side of the road to do this for a few minutes every hour or so of your road trip. 

5. Head off motion sickness before you even step in the car with an over-the-counter motion sickness treatment. My new go-to? Dramamine® Non-Drowsy Naturals...

5 Tips for Curbing Road Trip Motion Sickness- give nausea the boot on your next road trip! #Dramamine #CG

I put Dramamine® Non-Drowsy Naturals to the test the weekend before last when we headed down south through the West Virginia mountains and into the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia for a little family road trip. I will admit that I was initially a little skeptical. In my experience, the only motion sickness treatments that had worked for me before always knocked me out and made me drowsy for hours after I had arrived at my destination. 

I took the Dramamine Naturals about an hour before we hit the road. As we approached the first stretch of major mountain highway on our journey, I braced myself for whatever nausea would come by way from the sharp turns down into the valleys and then back up into the mountains. Folks, I didn't feel a thing. Not even one twinge of nausea. And the best part? I was awake the entire drive and felt ready to go when we arrived at our destination! No post-motion sickness treatment grogginess...

5 Tips for Curbing Road Trip Motion Sickness- give nausea the boot on your next road trip! #Dramamine #CG

Why does Dramamine® Non-Drowsy Naturals work? Because it contains the clinically- tested ginger dosage required for preventing and treating motion sickness- that is science at its best, my friends. ;) The natural ginger in Dramamine Naturals is not only safe to take every day that you travel, but it is also an effective remedy against the nausea and vomiting most commonly associated with motion sickness.

I am looking forward to giving Dramamine Naturals a go for the first time on a plane trip when I fly again next month. And then after that? Maybe I will finally conquer my biggest motion sickness travel nemesis with it- an open sea cruise! 

Do you suffer from motion sickness when traveling?
What is your number one tip for helping to prevent or curb motion sickness?

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