Frugal Foodie Mama: 7 Reasons You Need to Visit Puerto Vallarta in 2015

Thursday, October 8, 2015

7 Reasons You Need to Visit Puerto Vallarta in 2015

In partnership with Puerto Vallarta Tourism, I am sharing with you all the top 7 Reasons You Need to Visit Puerto Vallarta in 2015...
The Top 7 Reasons You Need to Visit Puerto Vallarta in 2015 including fall & holiday festivals and competitions

Traveling to Mexico has been on my travel bucket list for some time now. While Cancun seems to be one of the more popular tourist destinations there, I have had my eye on visiting Puerto Vallarta. And while its beaches with their deep blue waters is what first caught my eye and piqued my interest in this breathtaking resort town on Mexico's Pacific coast, there is so much more to Puerto Vallarta than what meets the eye. And this is especially true if you happen to be planning a trip there during the fall or for the holidays.

From the end of October right on through to the New Year, Puerto Vallarta hosts a myriad of festivals and exciting competitions that offer visitors to the area a true taste of the flavors, sights & sounds, history, and rich traditions of Mexico. Need a reason to plan a visit to Puerto Vallarta before the end of 2015? I have 7 of them for you below... ;)

1. Dia De Los Muertos (October 31st-November 2nd)
In this celebration that commemorates and honors loved ones that have passed on, pre-Hispanic religion, life, death, art, sorrow and humor come together in colorful costumes, parades, and even an altar competition that is being sponsored by the City of Puerto Vallarta. The Cemetery located on 5th of December is the site of the traditional Day of the Dead observance, but the city’s other cemeteries located in Ramblases, El Progreso, Ixtapa and Las Palmas will also receive thousands of local residents and visitors alike during this three-day event. Themed art workshops will also be offered & will take place at Art Vallarta and in the Zona Romantica organized by the Asociacion Vallarta Centro.

2. Puerto Vallarta International Half Marathon & 5K (November 8th)
My runner of a son would be most excited about this event that Puerto Vallarta has been hosting now for almost 7 years. This year's  Puerto Vallarta International Half Marathon will welcome over 1,600 runners from all over Mexico, the United States, Canada and as far as Kenya. The city expects that an estimate of 15,000 spectators will be there cheering on this year's competitors. You can find additional information about the half marathon & 5K here-

The Top 7 Reasons You Need to Visit Puerto Vallarta in 2015 including fall & holiday festivals and competitions

3. International Sailfish & Marlin Tournament (November 12th-15th)
For 59 years, Puerto Vallarta has been hosting this annual event that showcases the great diversity of deep sea fishing found in and around the city. Every year this much anticipated event attracts fishermen and anglers from all over the world. This year's tournament will take place in Banderas Bay, and cash prizes will be awarded to the anglers with the biggest catch. Get more information about the tournament here-
The Top 7 Reasons You Need to Visit Puerto Vallarta in 2015 including fall & holiday festivals and competitions

4. International Gourmet Festival (November 13th-23rd)
Overlapping with the International Sailfish & Marlin Tournament is the 20th edition of Puerto Vallarta’s International Gourmet Festival. Featuring over 30 chefs, this 10-day festival has attracted over 350,000 gourmet fans since 1995. The festival will kick things off this year with an inaugural event at the newly renovated Los Muertos Pier, followed by a Chef’s Welcome Cocktail Party at Westin Resort and Spa Puerto Vallarta, and then a full schedule of culinary activities throughout the remainder of the festival. Vistors to the International Gourmet Festival can partake in chef tastings functions, culinary safaris, sensorial tastings and themed nights that will be offering distinct dishes from cities from around the world. For more information on the International Gourmet Festival, click here-

5. The Fiesta de Guadalupe (December 12th)
Honoring the appearance of the “Queen of Mexico” in 1501 as well as the day that Puerto Vallarta was founded, the Fiesta de Guadalupe is one of the most celebrated holidays in Puerto Vallarta. The midnight ceremony is televised nationwide as the "Queen" is serenaded by Mariachis and other performing artists who chant to the spirits and dance until the next day in front of the Basilica. Hotels throughout Puerto Vallarta commemorate this famous persona with statues and flowers erected in her honor. After the religious ceremony, the festivities continue with celebrations on the Malecon that includes fireworks and a variety of street food vendors that will be offering Mexican delicacies.

6. Christmas (December 24th & 25th)
If you have ever taken a high school Spanish class, then La Navidad is a Mexican celebration you may already be a little familiar with. In Puerto Vallarta, the nine days before the religious holidays are celebrated in joyful anticipation of the special day with Las Posadas. Las Posadas are the processions that take place along the streets throughout the city symbolizing Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem. People of all ages gather in the heart of the historic downtown area on Christmas Eve at Our Lady of Guadalupe church. Join in with Puerto Vallarta's La Navidad festivities and enjoy locals donning colorful clothing and pinatas, live music, and then partake in the exciting festivities that carry on into the night right alongside the local residents.

7. New Years (December 31st-January 1st)
Plan to ring in 2016 in Puerto Vallarta, and gather with the entire city on the Malecon- the best seat to watch the great fireworks display. After the fireworks, visitors and residents alike celebrate the night with music and dancing in the street in the Romantic Zone. Puerto Vallartans celebrate New Year’s Eve by honoring the Catholic traditions of the Spaniards who came centuries ago by eating the 12 grapes of happiness- one grape every time the clock strikes at midnight. And trust me on this one, folks- the grape eating is no easy task! I may or may not have tried it myself one New Year's Eve. Hint- look for the smallest grapes. ;)

Have you visited Puerto Vallarta before?
Which of the above Puerto Vallarta festivals or competitions mentioned above would you be most excited to see for yourself?

Travelers visiting Puerto Vallarta will have the unique and memorable opportunity to experience these cultural celebrations first hand. The local community welcomes tourists to join all of the festivities and learn about the cultural heritage of Puerto Vallarta. 

For additional information on Puerto Vallarta and to start planning your 2015 trip now, visit :)

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