Frugal Foodie Mama: 10 Budget Friendly & Trendy Home Bar Essentials

Monday, July 10, 2017

10 Budget Friendly & Trendy Home Bar Essentials

You can have a functional, yet stylish home bar without spending a fortune with these 10 Budget Friendly & Trendy Home Bar Essentials...

You can have a functional, yet stylish home bar without spending a fortune with these 10 Budget Friendly & Trendy Home Bar Essentials.
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I definitely think there is a misplaced belief out there that to have a well equipped home bar, you have to be willing to drop some cash. I am here to tell you all that notion is totally & utterly false. You can have a functional, yet trendy home bar without spending a fortune. In fact, you can purchase everything I have listed in this collection of 10 Budget Friendly & Trendy Home Bar Essentials for less than $100 with your Amazon Prime account! :)

Don't have 100 bucks to spend all at once right now? No problem! Start with the area of your home bar that will initially get the most use. If you are a cocktail lover, start with first five items I have listed below giving priority to the compact bar set with the cocktail shaker. Are you more of a wine drinker? Then skip the cocktail essentials for now and get started with the wine tool set. You can always build your home bar from there, adding on as you can afford it. 

I chose each of the bar tools & accessories I have listed below because they are A. under $20. B. available via Amazon Prime (hello, free shipping!), & C. stylish & trendy. I went with a lot of stainless steel in this collection of home bar essentials because it is always in style & holds up well to years of use. 

Now let's get your home bar equipped the budget friendly way, shall we? ;)

If you happen to be a mojito lover like myself, then a good cocktail muddler is a must. It makes easy work of releasing the juices from fruits & the oils from fresh herbs. Also, you get to look really cool in front of your guests while you are muddling a little something together for a cocktail. ;)

Calling all my margarita lovers! If you must have a sugared or salted rim for your margaritas, then spend the 9 bucks on this glass rimmer. Thank me later, k? ;)

A manual citrus juicer is good to have on hand when you are making multiple cocktails at once that require lime or lemon juice or when mixing together a pitcher of margaritas or sangria. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy (literally).

If you purchase only one thing for your home bar, make sure it is this set. Though not pictured above, this entire set fits right inside of a stainless steel ice bucket making for easy & compact storage.

Need cocktail inspiration for your newly stocked bar? Then you can't go wrong with this recipe book! :)

Okay, so this one might not exactly be an essential, but I guess that all depends on what your definition of "essential" is. ;) I love these over-sized cubes because they are trendy, & you can freeze pretty things into them like lemon wedges & flowers. 

If you are a whiskey or bourbon drinker or happen to entertain whiskey drinkers often, then this super affordable set is a must-have. Nothing is more impressive & classy than pouring a little whiskey from a glass decanter into cut glass rocks glasses. 

Forget twisting or prying off those beer bottle caps! Take them off like magic in one pop with this magnetic beer bottle opener. 

If you don't already own a decent wine bottle opener, then this set is essential for your home bar. Plus, it comes with all of the other nifty wine bottle gadgets you could possibly need & all for under $20!

Take that chilled bottle of Rose with you out on the deck & keep it at the perfect temperature with a little help from this clever gadget. ;)

You can have a functional, yet stylish home bar without spending a fortune with these 10 Budget Friendly & Trendy Home Bar Essentials.

Which of these budget friendly & trendy bar gadgets will you be adding to your home bar first? :)

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