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Friday, December 18, 2020

Cranberry Ginger Gin Fizz

 This bubbly Cranberry Ginger Gin Fizz combines refreshing mint, tart cranberries, fresh lime, and crisp gin in a perfectly festive cocktail perfect for the holiday season...

So, Christmas is just one week away and the end of 2020 is definitely in sight (FINALLY!). And I think both of those things call for a festive and bubbly cocktail. What do you all think?

I mean, 2020 hasn't been all doom & gloom. But it definitely is not the kind of year that I would like to repeat any time too terribly soon. 

Besides the obvious (ahem, Covid, a global pandemic, and statewide shutdowns across the country), 2020 was also the year I acquired my first official funeral dress. I have attended 3 funerals this past year, the most recent being for my own grandmother just a few weeks ago. 

I was contracted for two of my biggest jobs ever as a food blogger, and both of those were permanently shelved within the past month thanks to the 'Rona virus. 

And on top of those things (as if that couldn't possibly have been enough, right?), I have also experienced some pretty dark places in my personal life over this past year. 

2020 brought out the true nature of some of the people that I love and care about. And in some of those instances, it was borderline heartbreaking for me.

Now, I don't want to be a total downer about the past 12 months. There were definitely some bright spots in 2020. 

Although frustrating at times, I will admit that it has been amazing to have both of my kids at home more often this past year. I am blessed that my youngest is pretty self-sufficient and self-motivated, so I haven't had to put too much of my work on the back burner to help her with her schoolwork. 

I know not every parent has been as fortunate to have had that same experience when it comes to remote learning. (And if you happen to be one of those parents, this cocktail is definitely for you. ;) Cheers and kudos to you!)

And even though this past year has definitely created some new challenges for the two of us, I do believe that my boyfriend and I were able to overcome some things that maybe we would have never been able to recover from if it hadn't been for the virus and the resulting shutdowns. 

Our lives slowed down just long enough for the two of us to work through a few things that maybe we otherwise would not have had the time to focus on. And I am grateful for that even if the circumstances for which that had to happen weren't exactly ideal.

Another plus about 2020? What I consider a very dark chapter in our government's history is about to officially come to an end. And for the first time in 4 years, that definitely gives me something to look forward to in the new year as far as the future of our country goes. 

So, whether you are raising a glass to the end of a crappy year, toasting to a new year that brings you hope, or just need a cocktail to celebrate the end of remote learning/homeschooling for the year, this bubbly and festive Cranberry Ginger Gin Fizz should definitely be a part of your holiday plans. 

A few tips & tricks for making this cocktail:

  • If you can't find cranberry flavored ginger ale, you could just use a combination of 1 part cranberry juice to 1 part regular ginger ale instead.
  • Not a fan of gin? This cocktail would also work well with your favorite vodka. You just couldn't really call it a gin fizz. ;) It would be more of a festive variation on a cosmopolitan then. 
  • Here's a tip for keeping your cocktail cold a bit longer- freeze your fresh cranberries before adding them to the glass as a garnish.

Yield: Serves 2
Author: Carrie Robinson
Cranberry Ginger Gin Fizz

Cranberry Ginger Gin Fizz

Prep time: 5 min Total time: 5 min


  • 1/2 fresh lime
  • 8-10 fresh mint leaves
  • 4 ounces (1/2 cup) gin (I used Bombay Sapphire.)
  • Cranberry flavored ginger ale (I used Canada Dry.)
  • Crushed ice
  • Fresh cranberries, mint springs, and lime wheels for garnishing (optional)


  1. Cut the lime half in half and squeeze the juice into a cocktail shaker. Add in the lime pieces as well. Tear the mint leaves and add to the lime in the shaker. Pour in the gin and muddle it all together. 
  2. Fill 2 martini glasses with crushed ice. Strain the lime/mint/gin mixture evenly into both glasses. Top with the cranberry ginger ale. 
  3. Garnish with fresh cranberries, a lime wheel, and a fresh mint spring, if desired. Enjoy immediately. Cheers!
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