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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Tropical Sangria Poke Cake

This easy to make Tropical Sangria Poke Cake is spiked with white wine mango gelatin and then topped off with a fruity whipped topping frosting...
This easy to make Tropical Sangria Poke Cake is spiked with white wine mango gelatin and then topped off with a fruity whipped topping frosting.
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As some of you all already know, I have been a recipe contributor for Real Housemoms since August of last year. I am always looking for ways to improve upon and grow this little blog of mine, but I had no idea when I joined Aubrey's talented team of bloggers just how much it would do for Frugal Foodie Mama and for my growth personally as a blogger.  For Aubrey, having blog contributors isn't just about curating fresh and new content for her own blog. She has been amazing in promoting and supporting the work that we all do on our own individual blogs. While I would definitely categorize Aubrey of Real Housemoms as one of the "big bloggers" out there, she has remained down to earth and is always so generous and open with sharing her experience and knowledge with each of us. 

Today, myself and other members of the RH team are celebrating Aubrey on her birthday by sharing with you all recipes, crafts, and tutorials that have all been inspired by Aubrey and some of her favorite things. If you are already a Real Housemoms fan, you may have noticed her fondness for sangria recipes.  I knew I wanted to come up with a cake (because what is a birthday without cake?) inspired by one of her favorite cocktails. When I came across her recipe for Tropical Moscato Sangria, I knew I had found my recipe inspiration. ;)  This easy to make poke cake is spiked with white wine mango gelatin and then topped off with a fruity whipped topping frosting...

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Pan Seared Salmon with Asparagus & Sweet Potato "Rice"

I am partnering with Mazola Corn Oil today to bring you all this heart healthy & flavorful recipe for Pan Seared Salmon with Asparagus & Sweet Potato "Rice"...
Pan Seared Salmon with Asparagus & Sweet Potato "Rice"- a heart healthy & flavorful dinner recipe
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This Pan Seared Salmon with Asparagus & Sweet Potato "Rice" is a heart healthy powerhouse dish, folks. From how it is cooked to each and every ingredient in this, there isn't one thing about this delicious recipe that isn't good for your ticker. ;)
Which is great news since February happens to be American Heart Health month! 

Keeping my heart healthy and heart disease at bay has always been a concern of mine. My grandfather on my dad's side died when I was less than a year old from a heart attack. Though I met him, I really have no memories of him. And growing up, I watched my father make strides to stay healthy and active. Having had both of his parents die before the age of 50, he was determined to not give his genetics any additional help. Staying active and eating healthy, leading a healthier lifestyle, and keeping the "bad stuff" in moderation was something I learned to do in my life early on.

When Mazola Corn Oil reached out to me to develop a heart healthy recipe to share with you all for American Heart Health month, I was more than eager to get on board. I did the research and made sure to pack this fresh & flavorful dish with plenty of the heart healthy good stuff- salmon, sweet potatoes, red bell pepper, walnuts, asparagus, and Mazola Corn Oil...

Monday, February 23, 2015

Baymax Marshmallow Dip

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BigHero6Release #CollectiveBias
Baymax Marshmallow Dip- the perfect sweet treat for a Big Hero 6 movie night! #BigHero6Release #Ad
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Tomorrow happens to be a day that my family and I have been looking forward to since we first watched Big Hero 6 in the theaters months ago and met Baymax. That big marshmallow of a hero (and personal health care companion) happened to win all of our hearts.  In fact, my youngest has pretty much been obsessed with him since then. She has been asking for months to watch Big Hero 6 again! And tomorrow we get to watch Baymax, Hiro, and their band of heroic "nerd lab" friends as many times as we would like since Big Hero 6 will be available for purchase from  I didn't waste any time pre-ordering my family's copy. ;)

I am already planning a fun Big Hero 6 family move night later this week complete with this easy to make Baymax Marshmallow Dip.  You can divvy up this dip into individual cups or ramekins so that everyone can have their very own Baymax dip for movie night or serve in one large bowl for sharing. Either way this is one fun and yummy dip that everyone will love for Big Hero 6 movie night...

Friday, February 20, 2015

Sparkling Pink Princess Party

From easy princess perfect recipes & simple decorating ideas to cake inspiration, here is everything you need to plan a Sparkling Pink Princess Party...
Sparkling Pink Princess Party- from easy princess perfect recipes & simple decorating ideas to cake inspiration
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My youngest turned three this month- I am seriously still wrapping my head around that one, folks. I swear, it seems like I literally just blinked and three years have already passed! Birthday #3 was definitely a fun one for us. This was the first birthday that she was able to choose her own party theme, and the first year in which she really understood what was going on before and during her party.  

She knew months ago that she wanted a Disney princess party, so I started gathering up ideas and party supplies early on for her special day. 
While it was Disney princess all the way, everything was also pink... and very sparkly. ;) Totally princess appropriate...

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sparkling Princess Popcorn

This easy & quick Sparkling Princess Popcorn is the perfect sweet & salty treat for your princess themed party...
This easy & quick Sparkling Princess Popcorn is the perfect sweet & salty treat for your princess themed party.
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I have a goal each year for little miss's birthday- to make her party as special and as beautiful as she is.
However, I am not one of those over-the-top Pinteresty moms. You won't find me painting little stools to look like toadstools, or setting up extravagant photo booths, and I don't even hand out party favor bags (gasp! I know...).  But you will find me going above and beyond the simple cake & ice cream and balloons. I want her to have a memorable party that makes her feel special, but not one that will put my sanity to the test or empty out our bank account. ;)

Being her third birthday this year, this was the first year that little miss was able to pick out her own party theme. And this little lady wanted Disney princesses all the way! 
After poking around on Google and Pinterest a little, I found a few ideas for making pink or purple popcorn for a princess party and loved it. We had rainbow popcorn for her very first birthday party, and that was a huge hit with the guests.  I knew I had to make a sparkling pink popcorn that would be fit for a birthday princess for her third birthday this year...

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Raspberry Swirl Pancakes with Nutella

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received compensation to write this post…all opinions expressed are my own.
Raspberry Swirl Pancakes with Nutella- These soft and hearty raspberry swirled pancakes are perfect topped with a little Nutella #spreadthehappy
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Not that you would ever need an excuse to whip up some delicious pancakes today, but did you all know that it is International Pancake Tuesday? Yep, folks! International Pancake Tuesday is a thing, and a very good thing at that. ;) It also happens to also be the perfect excuse to serve up a platter of these beautiful Raspberry Swirl Pancakes for breakfast this morning or to plan a belated pancake celebration for the weekend. 

These soft & thick pancakes are hearty from a little whole wheat flour and ground oats.  A touch of tart sweetness is added to them with a fresh raspberry sauce swirl. The only thing that could possibly make these Raspberry Swirl Pancakes even more delicious would be a small dollop of Nutella hazelnut spread to top them off!  The Nutella spread with it's roasted hazelnuts, skim milk, and a hint of cocoa pairs perfectly with the raspberries swirled into these easy homemade pancakes...

Monday, February 16, 2015

$500 PayPal Cash Blog Birthday Giveaway!

Here's you chance to win $500 in PayPal cash in the Blog Birthday Giveaway! That's like getting a little extra tax refund this year.... 
Get entered to win $500 in PayPal Cash! It's like getting an extra tax refund! :) Ends 2/28/15
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I hope you all had a fabulous Valentine's Day weekend! Not only is February the month of love, but it is also happens to be the birthday month of some of my favorite blogs. So, let's celebrate with a little giveaway for some cold, hard cash, shall we? ;)

February is also the month that my youngest was born, and we celebrated her third birthday the weekend before last. I will be sharing a couple of recipes from her party and a little recap of her sparkling princess party later this week, so be on the look out for those posts!

But let's get to that giveaway now! One lucky winner will become $500 richer soon thanks to all of these fabulous bloggers...