Frugal Foodie Mama: Zoom in on Gratitude: Days 8-10

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Zoom in on Gratitude: Days 8-10

Day 8- Favorite Color

At first, I was a little stumped on this one.  What is my favorite color?  Do I have a favorite color?  But then a quick browse of my Profile Pictures on Facebook made the answer to this question readily apparent... Various shades of teal.  And reflecting on my clothing & home decor choices over the past few years, I can confirm that teal- in it's many shades & variances- is indeed my favorite color.

Day 9- Inspiring Person(s)

The Day 9 challenge called for a photo of an inspiring person.  I quickly realized that I would not be able to narrow this category down to just one person.  My husband and I are both inspired by our parents and the models they have provided us with how a successful marriage should look and feel.  Not that every moment for them has been bliss. And not that every leg of their journeys together has been easy going.  They have faced and still face challenges in their lives and their marriages.  But they face these challenges TOGETHER and with love.  We are truly blessed to have them all as an example of the love & the sacrifices that need to be made to stay happily married for 35 years and 40 years, respectively.

Day 10- Nature

My husband & I were headed out to run errands.  Neither one of us was much looking forward to this task that evening when we stepped out the door.  It was cold out.  I was still recovering from my awful cough & my husband had not had a good day with the job search.  But the world doesn't stop, and groceries still have to be bought.  This is what we saw as we walked to our car.  Nature is awe-inspiring & beautiful.  We took pause for a few moments to take in the colors.  I am grateful for these small gestures from nature that cause us to stop in our tracks & take notice of that which is bigger than us.