Frugal Foodie Mama: Sand Pail List 2012- The Raised Garden Bed

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sand Pail List 2012- The Raised Garden Bed

Some of you may recall my post last month about my Sand Pail List for this summer.  (For those of you who aren't familiar, a sand pail list is like a bucket list but just for the summer.)  To check out my family's Sand Pail List, click here.

The first item on our list, the raised garden bed, is well under way.  Earlier this week, my son and my husband built the frame...

The boys built me a gorgeous frame!  Our first attempt at raised bed gardening is small- just a 3 x 3 foot space.  We are going to try it this summer and see how it goes.  Depending on the results, we will probably do at least 2 raised beds next summer.

Now time for the soil!  We bought garden soil from the big chain.  To make the soil richer, we mixed in used coffee grounds that I have been saving for weeks.  I also picked up a large garbage bag full of used coffee grounds from Starbucks.  (Great tip- ask your local Starbucks or any coffee shop to save coffee grounds for you for a day or two.  It is wonderful for fertilizing your garden and it is 100% FREE.  You just have to be willing to pick out all the soggy coffee filters, but a small sacrifice to make. ;) Bonus- my car smelled like fresh brewed coffee for days after taking the grounds out of my trunk!)

Next up?  The actual planting of the garden!  Stay tuned for more updates. :)