Frugal Foodie Mama: Summer Blog Challenge, Day 11- The Three Best Days of My Life

Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge, Day 11- The Three Best Days of My Life

How can I narrow down any of the wonderful days of my life to just one?  To declare one THE best one?  I am pretty sure it is not possible for me to do that.  The day I found out I was pregnant with my son, my first born was pretty exciting.  The day I finally graduated college and received my degree despite taking a semester off from school after having my son was pretty special.  The first time we saw our daughter's little heart beating just past 6 weeks pregnant and again past 8 weeks pregnant brought tears of elation and joy to my eyes. But there are 3 days in particular that all take the prize for the best day of my life.  I cannot cherish one more than the other.  Each of these days mean so much to me, and for such different reasons.  
Almost 13 years ago I gave birth to my son, Jake.  He is and will always be my first baby.  He is who made me a mother. <3

My second best day of my life was the day I married my husband.  My husband and I graduated high school together, but never dated.  15 years later we reconnected via Facebook.  4 months after that Facebook connection we had our first date.  3 months after our first date we were engaged and moved in together.  5 months after we were engaged we got married.  To some, that may seem fast but when you have been waiting your entire life for your soul mate, you can't wait another minute to start your life together...

And the third best day of my life was the day I became a mother again.  This time to a sweet baby girl.  The day she came into this world was absolutely amazing.  After suffering two early pregnancy losses in a row, I wasn't so sure that another baby was meant to happen for me.  I entered into my pregnancy with her hopeful and fearful all that the same time. Each ultrasound, each time we heard her heartbeat was a breath of relief and another day closer to actually holding her in my arms.  My husband delivered her (with our midwife standing right behind him ;) ), and when he placed her on my chest I knew my life was complete. <3
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