Frugal Foodie Mama: Summer Blog Challenge, Day 12- My Worst Injury & How It Happened

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge, Day 12- My Worst Injury & How It Happened

I have been VERY fortunate (knock on wood!) to not have suffered from any really serious injuries.  The worst that I have had to deal with were a couple of fractures.  When I was 18, I went snow tubing and got my hand stuck under the tube as it was starting down the hill and gaining speed.  I bent back my middle finger and suffered a fracture that made my middle knuckle swell to the size of a golf ball.  That sucked for a while since I was waiting tables at the time and it made carrying trays really difficult.  But that wasn't my worst fracture.  

My worst injury happened when I was goofing around with my then boyfriend and my son in the playroom in our basement.  My son had a bean bag chair and toys all over the place.  We were wrestling around and my boyfriend decided to pick me up and playfully body slam me onto the the bean bag chair.  As he threw me down, my foot landed flat on top of a hard plastic toy that was on the floor.  I did not initially realize that I had broken anything.  A couple of days later at work, my boss noticed that I was still limping and asked to see my foot.  He knew right away that I had fractured it, and sent me to the nearby urgent care.

A few x-rays later it was determined that I had a hairline fracture that ran from the base of my middle toe (the middle again?!?) over the bend in my foot and into my foot.  So basically every time I flexed my foot, the healing that had occurred would undo itself.  This was my worst injury because it took FOREVER to heal!  Well over 3 months. 

As any of you who has had a fracture in a finger or toe know, there isn't much they can do for it except tape your broken appendage to the finger or toe beside it and tell you to keep weight and pressure off it as much as possible.  

How about you?  Have you ever broken a bone?