Frugal Foodie Mama: Pinspiration in the Kitchen- Chicken Cacciatore With Pomodoro Fresco Tomato Basil Sauce

Friday, July 27, 2012

Pinspiration in the Kitchen- Chicken Cacciatore With Pomodoro Fresco Tomato Basil Sauce

I came across the recipe for Chicken Cacciatore shortly after I started following the Delallo Pinterest boards.  Those of you who have been following my blog for a while know all too well about my love affair with Delallo.  For a year, I lived in Greensburg, Pennsylvania just 15 minutes away from the Delallo Italian Marketplace in Jeannette.  (If you need a refresher, please CLICK HERE for the blog feature I wrote on Delallo on my former blog, Short & Sassy in Suburghia.)  My husband and I loved Delallo's so much that we ordered all of our wedding cakes from their bakery and drove them 2 hours over the state line. ;)

Okay, I got off course there. Back to the Chicken Cacciatore!  I was fortunate enough to receive a sneak peak of their five new Pomodoro Fresco Sauces...

Their Chicken Cacciatore recipes calls for their Pomodoro Fresco Tomato Basil sauce.  I know, I know... I am always advocating to make your own sauces from scratch, but take a looks at this...
Do you see anything above there that you cannot pronounce?? Exactly! :)

I did my own spin on the Delallo recipe (which you can find by clicking here), and decided to throw everything into the Crock Pot.  I still seasoned and floured the chicken thighs and browned them.  But then I threw them in the Crock Pot and covered them with the veggies and the rest of the ingredients including the Pomodoro Fresco Tomato Basil sauce.

The only changes I made ingredient wise is that I used red wine instead of white.  I actually didn't have any white on hand, and you all know how I am about using what you already have on hand. ;)  I cooked everything in the Crock Pot on Low for 6 hours.

It turned out rich in flavor. The chicken thighs just fell off the bone.  I served it over rice, but you could use any pasta you have on hand as well.

To go directly to this pin for repinning, click here.


  1. Oh my, my mouth is watering! That looks delicious!

    Thanks for linking up in the Find + Follow blog hop!

  2. Hello there & welcome! This chicken cacciatore was amazing & made a lot of leftovers. I am still eating some for lunches, lol! I probably should have froze some of it. ;)

  3. I can walk to Delallo's store :). Your dish looks amazing!! I'm following you from the gfc hop!

    1. Oh, you are a lucky bum! I think Delallo's is one of the things I miss most about living in Greensburg. ;) That, and The Headkeeper. Got to check that place out if you haven't!


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