Frugal Foodie Mama: Summer Blog Challenge, Day 58- The Last Time I "Roughed It"...

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge, Day 58- The Last Time I "Roughed It"...

Okay, I don't really "rough it".  And if I happen to then it is only for one night.  I grew up camping with my grandparents every summer, but they had a camper.  That could be locked... And that bears couldn't get into.  
My family and I are supposed to go tent camping before the summer is over.  It is on our Sand Pail List (refer to #3) after all.  But honestly, I won't feel like a huge failure if we don't end up crossing that one off our list. ;P

It is not that I don't like camping.  I love spending the day at the campsite, putting up the tent.  Exploring the trails and river or lake that is near us.  Cooking over an open flame.  And S'mores and roasted marshmallows... don't get me started on those! ;) 
But I hate the actually sleeping in a flimsy tent, on an inflatable mattress part. I wake up at every single noise.  Every snap of a branch, convinced that a crazed serial killer or bear is lurking outside of our tent.  

But I am supposed to be telling you all about the last time that I actually "roughed it".  It was September 2009, and my son and I went with some friends to the Pawpaw festival at Lake Snowden in Ohio.  We spent the day walking the trails around the lake...

We camped in a tent that night, and our inflatable mattress deflated in the middle of the night (why does that always happen??).  I woke up at every other noise.  Then we spent the next day at the Festival.  That is my son in the photo below hand churning pawpaw ice cream with the good folks from Snowville Creamery...

Yep, it has been almost 3 years now since I have roughed it.  And I am not complaining. ;)


  1. You could always just have the camping experience in the backyard and any kids that want to stay out overnight--go for it, while mom and dad go back in to their own bed. =)

  2. I hate sleeping with an inflatable bed because I always wake up on the ground any ways. We never purchased on to go camping with. I also miss the days of sitting around the campfire. But now we don't make one till the baby is sleeping just because I fear he will get to close!

  3. Yes! Yes!!! I'll spend the day outdoors hiking and swimming and cooking over a fire - no problem! But when you put me in a tent with an inflatable mattress that deflates slowly, hearing the raccoons fight.

    Irrational fear of serial killers? Psh, no such thing my friend!


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