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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Disney in Color- Green

So I have been anxiously awaiting this GREEN Disney in Color post.  And when you scroll down to my last photo you will see why. ;)

My son and two of his friends with one of the green army men from A Toy Story at Disney Hollywood Studios.

My son and I being goofy at Animal Kingdom

And now what you have been waiting for...  
Me dressed as Tinkerbell! ;D

Hey, I wasn't the only one dressing up!  This is me pictured with two of my fellow teachers and one of our students.  We all dressed up for our last night in Disney. We did it for the kids.  Wink, wink. ;)
Neat story, but "Alice" and I were waiting to catch one of the shuttle buses back to our resort when a mother with a very sad little girl dressed as a princess got in line behind us.  The little girl had obviously been crying.  Her mother's face lit up when she saw myself and "Alice".  The little girl who had been clinging tightly to her mama sobbing turned her head and saw us and immediately started grinning.  Apparently, the poor little thing had waited in line for a very long time, but didn't get to meet any of the princesses and was so sad and disappointed. "Alice" and I played our parts, took photos with the little girl, and signed her Disney autograph book.  I even gave her my magic Tinkerbell wand.  
I almost teared up when we boarded that bus.  That little girl was beaming.  <3


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