Frugal Foodie Mama: A Little Sunday Potluck- 9~9~12

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Little Sunday Potluck- 9~9~12

Good Sunday morning, all!  And welcome to this week's A Little Sunday Potluck spread... :)

Who doesn't love a good potluck, right?  A little of this, a little of that, and a whole lot of awesomeness!  And that is exactly what you will find in my weekly A Little Sunday Potluck posts.  
Each Sunday I will post my top 5 blog finds for the week.  These could be a recipe, a great DIY project, a piece or two on natural parenting, some great blogging advice, a terrific money saving tip... whatever pops out at me during the week before.

So, grab your compartmentalized plate & your plastic spork and enjoy a little Sunday Potluck from me to you... ;)

The Effects of Social Media from NY Melrose Family
Lots of great info and tips, especially about G+.  I haven't actually taken the G+ plunge myself, but Jenny almost has me convinced to stop being so stubborn about it. ;)

Eight Ways to Ease into a Natural Home from Desiring Virtue
Really simple ways to start a natural cleaning regimen in your home, complete with money saving"recipes" that are free of harsh chemicals. 

Great little tutorial on how to easily dice an onion, and a very cool trick on how to do it tear free.  I haven't tried her little trick yet, but if any of you do before I get a chance to please let me know if it works! ;)

Great little breakdown on pressure canning and water bath canning, when you should use which method, and the supplies you will need for each.

Solids For Baby from Purposefully Simple
Mindy created a list of foods safe for baby by month and shared it with all of us!  Definitely printing this one out and keeping it in my purse for my grocery store & farmers market trips! :)

And here is a little something new for my A Little Sunday Potluck features... :)


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What blog posts stood out to you this week?  What would YOU bring to my Sunday Potluck? ;)