Frugal Foodie Mama: ~Let Me Pintroduce You~ A Canning/Preserving Edition

Saturday, October 6, 2012

~Let Me Pintroduce You~ A Canning/Preserving Edition

I am trying a little something different this month to introduce some of my lovely sponsors to you all and to hopefully help you find a little more Pinspiration in your lives.  Today is the first day of my weekly Saturday ~Let Me Pintroduce You~ series.  

I don't think it is any big secret that I recently became obsessed with small batch canning over the summer.  Canning was one of those culinary challenges that seemed a little out of my league to me... well, until I tried it!  And now I am absolutely hooked. ;)
New to canning like I was?  Then you need to read my A Few Tips From a Canning Novice to the Canning Newbies.... post.

Ready to get some Pinspiration for your next (or maybe first!) canning or preserving adventure?  Then you need to get yourself over to your Pinterest and follow both of these awesome ladies' boards...
~Canning/Preserving Board from Kassandra from Going Green with the Grizls~
Here are a few highlights from Kassandra's board...

~Canning & Preserving Board from Annie from MontanaSolarCreations~
Here are a few highlights from Annie's board...

Seriously.  You need to be following these ladies if you are even slightly into canning and preserving.

How about you?  Do you have a canning or preserving Pinterest board?  You do?  Then please feel free to leave a link to it in the comments below.  I would love to go check it out! :)

Pssssstttt.... Click on over and follow my I Heart Canning <3 Board while you are over there, furiously pinning from Annie's and Kassandra's boards. ;)


  1. I love canning, but in recent years I've stuck with freezing, because it's so much quicker. I can't wit to read your post on canning tips!

    1. Sandra, I love freezing too, but have limited freezer space so canning is a good alternative for me. :) But yes, freezing is a lot easier! The only other downside to freezing would be if there is an extended power outage.

  2. I want some caramel apple jam! Oh my goodness, I'm drooling just thinking about some now.

    1. Doesn't it sound amazing?? These gals know how to pin! ;)

  3. Great tips for the amateur (like me!).

    Following you from Friday Chaos.


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