Frugal Foodie Mama: A Few Budgeting Tips From Rambling Momma {& a Giveaway!}

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Few Budgeting Tips From Rambling Momma {& a Giveaway!}

I would love to introduce you all to my Friendship Bread sponsor for the month of January, Terri from Rambling Momma.  I quickly discovered that Terri and I had something in common- we are both trying to revamp our finances and budgets with the Total Money Makeover principles of Dave Ramsey.  I have actually been reading his book for the past couple of months, and my husband and I are presently working on Baby Step #1- the emergency fund.  Check out some of what Terri and her husband have already learned about financial freedom, and then be sure to enter to win your very own copy of the The Total Money Makeover courtesy of Terri! :)

Hi there ya'all, I am so glad to be able to come over here and guest post for Carrie.
I blog over at Rambling Momma...

So it's a New Year... how about some changes?

I used to be a big spender...$$$$$$

It was nothing for me to spend as much money as I felt like it. I remember one week I bought 9 pairs of shoes- YES I AM CRAZY.  

If I am having a bad day, I would go shopping. Some people eat chocolate.  I shopped.
It has caused many arguments between my husband and I.
But since moving here 
Oh yeah...
thanks to 
Dave Ramsey and his money management skills.  
In fact, my pastor teaches his course at a college here and he has been giving us hints and tips here and there.  I have never before wanted anything to do with a budget or saving money.
I wanted to spend, spend spend.
I have noticed a significant drop in our arguing, and we get along so much better.
Yes, it is hard to get used to following a budget.
You cannot just punish yourself - well you can but it wont work well.
Allow yourself to eat out.
But BUDGET for it.
Take lunch to work with you- it isn't that bad to eat leftovers, salad or a sandwich...
Give yourself a weekly allowance and if you use it all before the start of a new week, do not take more money out.  Wait til the week begins, or learn to not spend right away. :P 
Don't go grocery shopping without a list- you buy more then you ever need.
I also have started menu planning- even if you don't plan to cook every night, plan something for every night.  I promise you... coming home from work will be less stressful when you have something in the crock pot or something quick and easy to fix.
 I used to get super stressed over what I will make for supper each day...not anymore.  I know what I am making for the next 14 days and if there is a day we go out to eat, then I will make that for the next day. 
I write my list based on what's on the menu.  I buy just what I need for those meals- then there is no running to the store every day to get what you need for a meal. You buy it all at once.  
Of course if you buy in bulk- soon enough you wont have to spend as much money and you can buy shoes or clothes instead :P
This Christmas I found myself looking for the cheapest presents for people (not because I am a scrooge, but because I want do more saving than spending).
Fill your gas tank on pay day, and it is proven that you will spend less gas if you fill up completely. 
Every dollar we spend is now budgeted for and what a difference! In this past month we have saved $1000.00- yes it is quite easy to do, that is with a vacation and Christmas separate...we have cut our eating out to once per week and sometimes not even that. 
Ready to get your own finances in order once and for all?  Terri is giving one lucky reader a copy of Dave Ramsey's The Total Money Makeover!  Just enter using the Rafflecopter below.
*This giveaway is open internationally.  Please be sure that you are doing what you are claiming in the Rafflecopter.  All of the winner's entries will be checked and verified, so no funny business. ;) Please see the additional Terms & Conditions in the Rafflecopter widget below. 


  1. Need to put a budget into place at our house :)

  2. We use Dave Ramsey's method in our household too! It is amazing what a good sit down and chat about the budget can do!!


  3. we are having a second child in april and trying to buy a bigger house so we are all about a new budget to really buckle down and get things in order before they both happen. i stink at sticking to a budget so this is a giant new challenge!

  4. One of our financial goals this year is to try to get our 3-6 month emergency fund fully funded. I am cutting back in all sorts of ways as well as I have started teaching more music lessons to help with this goal. After we are done with that then we hope to start on the big goal which is near and dear to my heart which is paying off our mortgage just as quickly as possible. The rule this year is we pay only needs not "wants".

  5. We plan to move towards the end of the summer so our biggest goal right now is to put away as much into a savings as we can to help pay cash for the move!
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  6. We're trying to work our way out of debt hubby accrued during his extended college journey... I've heard great things about the Dave Ramsey method. :)

  7. I want to pay an extra $3000 off my student loans.

    Laurasu82 at

    1. its easy to do, i paid off mine since we used Dave Ramsey 6 months ago :)
      good luck

  8. I plan to save up enough to be able to buy our next vehicle cash. Our van has 230,00 miles on it, so will have to replaced soon!

    1. Yes, CASH, CASH, CASH
      we have no credit cards or any use for them. if we dont have the cash we do without

  9. My plan is to start an emergency fund, in case something comes up that we have not budgetted for... Or Lord forbid, that one of us lose our jobs. I want to feel financially secure for the first time in my life.

    1. it is very easy to do once you start, the big problem is starting.

  10. I am also planning by year's end to have a 6 month emergency fund in place.

  11. My goal is to start a budget and live by it. I'm not very structured when it comes to my money.

  12. I would love to get my husband on board with saving money!

    1. def needs to be a couple agreement, if you win, you can have him read the book

  13. To start saving kids college and our retirement.

  14. I'd like to pay off the credit card comletely and cut it up!


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