Frugal Foodie Mama: 9 Tips for Making the First Night in Your New Home Easier

Monday, February 11, 2013

9 Tips for Making the First Night in Your New Home Easier

Moving soon?  Okay, good. Because this post will GREATLY benefit you.  And even if you are not moving very soon, but know you will be somewhere down the line then you need to bookmark or pin this post for future reference.  You will thank me later, folks.  ;)
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For all the times that I have moved in my life (most recently being 3 times in the past 13 months), you would think I would be an absolute moving genius by now.  Maybe even qualified enough to write an entire blog with only moving tips, packing lists, and such.  

But sadly, no.
On our first night in our new home a few short weeks ago, I realized I had committed some classic "rookie" mistakes.  
In fact, I had only done one task that made our first evening in our new home easier
Just one.

As we were settling in for the evening, I found myself frantically searching boxes for what seemed like very much needed necessities.  I had to ask myself WHY I didn't put forth just a little more effort and made that first night easier on us all.  

I mean, let's be honest.  That first night can be tough on the whole family as it is- a new room, new noises, new bathroom to sleepily stumble to in the middle of night.  And you all with pets know how that adds a whole other dimension to the first night in a new home.  So how about making all the rest of it as easy on yourself as possible?
Here are my tips for your first night still fresh in my mind from my move just a month ago...

Keep a box separate just for that evening's dinner, label it clearly- put everything you need in it for dinner later.  I decided to make pancakes for dinner that night, so my electric griddle, the pancake mix, syrup, plates, spatula, whisk, a bowl for mixing- all of that was in it.  I didn't have to search for anything, and we happily had our first meal in our new home hassle free.  Now you could always just skip this part altogether and order pizza or pick up take-out.  The cost of moving had pretty much wiped out our checking account for the week, so that wasn't an option for us that evening.

A Bathroom Right Now box- keep a separate box with the immediate bathroom essentials- toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, a few towels, shower curtain & rings, your makeup bag.  Take me super serious about those shower rings.  Everyone in this house had to take baths that first night because the shower rings could not be located to hang the shower curtain until the next afternoon. ;)

Keep a laundry basket or large box with all the linens for the beds for that first night.  Everyone is exhausted from carrying furniture and boxes all day.  Wouldn't it be nice to hop into made up beds at the end of the day?  I actually made it a point to wash all the sheets, pillowcases, and comforters right before we moved so everyone was starting in the new house with freshly laundered linens.

Create a special travel bag or makeup bag for any necessary medicines.  There is nothing worse than looking through box after box labeled "Bathroom" trying to find your Tylenol, or a prescription you are supposed to take every night. Either keep this special bag for medicines in your purse, a diaper bag, or perhaps in the duffel bag mentioned below. 

Put PJ's for that night and clothes for the next day for everyone in a small suitcase or duffel bag.  Do this exactly like you would if you were going out of town for the night and were packing to be away for a day or two.  I also suggest keeping a separate bag for baby- diapers, wipes, extra clothes, a blanket.  Most of us already have all of these things in our regular diaper bags, so you should just be able to grab that and be all ready for baby.

Cell phone chargers!!!  And any other chargers you may need.  But we all know cell phone chargers are the most important.  Now, I did have one of our cell phone chargers set out in our bedroom with every intention of dropping it in my purse when I came back to the room.  But I got caught up washing those bed linens I mentioned previously, and when I came back to the bedroom the husband had already packed up the entire room... including the cell phone charger.  I believe we spent about 2 hours that evening looking through every box labeled "Bedroom" to find that.  Don't be that couple. ;)

Last but certainly not least, if you happen to be a coffee fiend (like me), make sure you know where your coffee maker is first thing in the morning.  Make a box just for the coffee maker, filters, coffee, mug, sugar, and have it clearly labeled.  It will make your first morning in your new home SO much more pleasant.  Take my word on this.  My coffee maker happened to still be in a box somewhere in the moving truck the next day.  By the time my husband finally found the box with the coffee maker in it, it was almost noon.  Yeah, I wasn't a happy camper. 

And that brings me to my very last point in this post.  Keep all of this- all of that listed above- TOGETHER.  Either put it all in one car.  Or even place all of it last thing in the back of the moving truck so you can just grab it as soon as you open up the truck.  

Have you moved recently?  What had you wished you had known or had had for that first night in your new home?