Frugal Foodie Mama: Nine Reasons To Eat Cookie Butter for Breakfast {A Recipe Round-Up}

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Nine Reasons To Eat Cookie Butter for Breakfast {A Recipe Round-Up}

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I asked my blogger friends and I scoured Google to find the best breakfast recipes using cookie butter.  Yes, my friends...  I have just made eating cookie butter for breakfast okay.  

Please feel free to go ahead and applaud me now.  Raise a statue.  Declare an official Frugal Foodie Mama Day in the blogosphere. ;)  
Okay, not really (I mean, unless you all really want to).

All joking aside, how amazing do all of these cookie butter for breakfast recipes look??  
From these recipes alone, you could have cookie butter for breakfast every single day of the week...
Make sure you click on the links and check out the recipes, leave a comment to let the food bloggers who created these cookie butter gems know how much you love their recipes, and pin them so you never, ever lose them. ;)

A show of hands for everyone who now thinks it is perfectly acceptable, even necessary to have cookie butter for breakfast!  ;)

And here is one more breakfast approved cookie butter recipe in case you missed it on the blog yesterday....

Make sure you stop by the blog each day this week!  If you are a cookie butter addict, I can guarantee you that you will not be disappointed on what more is to come. ;)

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