Frugal Foodie Mama: 16 Foodie Perfect Holiday Hostess Gifts

Thursday, November 21, 2013

16 Foodie Perfect Holiday Hostess Gifts

Tis that time of the year, folks!

Soon we will all be ringing door bells and knocking on doors, attending various holiday dinners & parties that we have received invites to.  
While a hostess gift is not always necessary or expected, it just feels good to show up at someone's home with a nice homemade gift in hand.  

Sure... wine is nice.  But every other guest in attendance will probably be showing up with a bottle of vino.

You can be that guest.  The one that showed up with that little special something that your gracious hostesses will still be thinking about next year when they send you another dinner or party invite in the hopes that you will show up with some more of those goodies you brought last time. ;)

As a seasoned hostess for family dinners & holiday parties over the years, I can attest that I would be more than thrilled to receive any of the homemade foodie gifts included in this round-up....

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*All links below are listed in order of the above collage from left to right starting with the top row.

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All of these Foodie Perfect Hostess Gifts are simple to whip up and can be easily prettily packaged for gift giving.  You could get one or two of these made up this weekend just in time to present to the Thanksgiving dinner hostess (or hostesses, if you happen to be attending multiple family dinners this year). ;) 

Which ones will you be making this year?
For my fellow hostesses, which one of these DIY gifts would you be most excited to receive from you guests?

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