Frugal Foodie Mama: Almond Joy Green Smoothie

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Almond Joy Green Smoothie

Almond Joy Green Smoothie via for Jellibean Journals
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I would venture to say that it is no secret to my regular readers and followers that I have a crazy mad sweet tooth.  I have been making strides to eat healthier more often, but I do try to live by a moderation and not deprivation rule as far as my daily diet goes. To curb and satisfy those frequent sweet tooth cravings, I like to create a few lower calorie and lower fat versions of some of my dessert favorites. 
And one of my fave ways to do this is with simple & creamy green smoothies. 

While there are a handful of candy bars that I crave, Almond Joys often top my list.  Creamy coconut & crunchy almonds coated in sweet milk chocolate...
I am pretty happy to report to you all that my Almond Joy Green Smoothie comes pretty close to the real deal. ;)
Perfect for when you need a sweet treat without overindulging...

Almond Joy Green Smoothie via for Jellibean Journals
And I am sharing the recipe for this candy bar copycat smoothie over at Jellibean Journals today, so please be sure to pop on over to get the recipe and say hi to my friend, Jelli! :)

Which sweet treat do you crave often that you wish could be made into a good-for-you green smoothie? :)

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