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Monday, May 11, 2015

Send Smiles for Less with Hallmark & Walmart

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Find out how I #SendSmiles for less and became a card giver again thanks to Hallmark and Walmart! #ad
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Are the months from May to August the land of never ending birthdays and anniversaries for anyone else besides me? It quite literally starts with my sister's birthday at the end of this month and then runs the gamut clear through to the first day of September which happens to be my own birthday. ;) While I love celebrating birthdays and anniversaries and milestones and achievements, I am not necessarily a card giver. I haven't always been this way, folks. I used to run into the store a week or more before the celebrated event and spend a good half hour pouring over cards until I had found just the right one. I literally couldn't wait to give that special person their card and see their reaction. So, what changed for me?

I was visiting a family member once about a week after their birthday party and went into the kitchen to throw away a napkin. Guess what I saw sitting there on the top of their trash can? The very card I spent so much time picking out. The very card I had plopped down almost $5 for a little over a week ago.  And that is when I became greeting card jaded, friends...  I became that person. The person who never has a card with their gift who either has to verbally tell the recipient it was from them or who would quickly write out a To/From on a note card and toss it into the gift bag. I didn't like it. I hated that I didn't have a card to present with my gifts, but I just stopped buying greeting cards. When I did the math, I figured out that I was spending on average $40-$50 from the months of May to August buying greeting cards that were just being tossed out in the garbage less than a week later. Spending the time and money to pick out the perfect card no longer made sense to the frugal side of me. 

But recently I have had a change of heart, and it is all thanks to my recent discovery of the Hallmark cards starting at 47 cents at my local Walmart...

Find out how I #SendSmiles for less and became a card giver again thanks to Hallmark and Walmart! #ad

No, you didn't read that wrong, folks. I did say 47 cents.  From birthday to get well to wedding to anniversary and everything else in between, you can find a card for that special upcoming occasion without breaking the bank. And Walmart is the only retailer than you can find this selection of Hallmark cards starting at just 47 cents. :) 
After scouring their entire selection of birthday cards, I decided to grab some to have on hand throughout the upcoming birthday season for me...
Find out how I #SendSmiles for less and became a card giver again thanks to Hallmark and Walmart! #ad

I picked out 4 fun birthday cards, all for less than 8 quarters. :) Not pictured is a wedding card I purchased to save for my sister's wedding in August. So, I was able to cover greeting cards for 4 birthdays and 1 wedding for less than $2.50! That is less than I used to spend on just one greeting card! Finally the frugal side of me could reconcile with the part of me that felt guilty for not buying greeting cards to go with my gifts. I am once again a card giver thanks to Hallmark and Walmart...
Find out how I #SendSmiles for less and became a card giver again thanks to Hallmark and Walmart! #ad

And speaking of my sister, I decided to throw together a little birthday gift that I could give to her before her birthday the last weekend of this month. We are both actually going to be out of town for her birthday this year (on different trips- not on the same one unfortunately), so the official celebration won't be happening until the following weekend. So while I was at Walmart stocking up on cards, I wanted to put together a little something that I could give to her beforehand...
Find out how I #SendSmiles for less and became a card giver again thanks to Hallmark and Walmart! #ad
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Since she is getting married in August, I picked up a pretty notebook for her that she can jot down notes and ideas in as she is planning her wedding. And with a bridal shower, and dinners, and parties on the agenda in the very near future, I thought it would be nice to throw in a few pampering nail essentials like pretty polishes and nail files. :) I was able to put this entire fun gift together for less than $15! That is even including the Hallmark card, gift bag, and tissue paper. 

Are you a card giver?
Which upcoming celebrations and events will you be stocking up on Hallmark cards starting at 47 cents for?

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