Frugal Foodie Mama: 10 Essentials for Your Carry-On Bag

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

10 Essentials for Your Carry-On Bag

Never leave home or board a plane again without these 10 Essentials for Your Carry-On Bag...

Never leave home or board a plane again without these 10 Essentials for Your Carry-On Bag!
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When I first started blogging around 4 years ago, I never dreamed it would end up being a career for me. And I couldn't have possibly fathomed at the time that my blogging would one day open so many travel opportunity doors for me. In fact, I have flown more times in the past 7 months than I probably have in the last 5 years combined! 

From a fabulous opportunity to visit the Southern Living test kitchens in Birmingham to an amazing foodie adventure in Portland to my most recent trip to take part in the Food & Wine Conference in Orlando, I have experienced my share of great flights, bumpy flights, delayed flights (don't get me started on that one), and lost luggage this past year. I have also learned what I need, want, and don't necessarily need in my carry-on bag.

When you are limited to just two carry-on's and your purse is included in that number, you start getting very particular about what you put in those two bags. And you have to keep in mind that you will have at least limited access to one of those two bags as it will be stowed in an overhead compartment for the duration of the flight. So what are my 10 must-have, don't fly without them essentials for my carry-on bag? Check them out below... :)

Never leave home or board a plane again without these 10 Essentials for Your Carry-On Bag!

1. A good travel wallet. At first, I didn't consider a travel wallet to be a necessary item for my carry-on when I flew. That changed after my first flight in years just this past March. Not wanting to be that person holding up the line at security or at the gate again, I decided to invest in a nice compact and thin travel wallet that could hold all my flying essentials- driver's license, credit card, cash, boarding passes, etc. They are all organized in one easy-to-access binder now. 

2. My favorite magazines. I think I am subscribed to like 5 or 6 different magazines, but I rarely seem to find the time to read them all at home. But during a 3 hour flight or while stuck on a 4 hour layover, I can easily get caught up on my magazine reading. :) This is also the perfect time for finally reading that book that you have had on your must-read list for months now. 

3. A portable charger. If you travel quite a bit and don't own one of these yet, invest in one, folks. No need to scour every gate trying to find a charging station that isn't being hogged by everyone and their laptop, gaming system, iPod, and cell phone! Just charge up your USB stick charger before you leave home or the hotel, pop it in your carry-on bag along with your cell's USB cord, and you can charge up anywhere you would like in the airport and not have to huddle around those sparse charging stations. ;)

4. Peppermint everything. I am one that is prone to motion sickness, so I find that peppermint helps me when the turbulence gets to be a little more than I can handle. Plus, it is a quick way to freshen up your breath after a long day of flying.

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5. Blue Diamond Almonds. Because let's be real, folks. Often times, that little bag of pretzels is not going to cut it. I love tossing a container of my favorite Blue Diamond Almonds in my carry-on to keep me full (aka, not hangry) during my flight, or because I have a short layover between flights & don't have time to stop and grab something to eat in the terminal. I love that Blue Diamond Almonds are perfectly portable, healthier than many of the options out there, and keep me full until I land.

6. A spray bottle of wrinkle releaser. This one is especially useful for those longer flights when you may have twisted yourself into any and every sitting position imaginable to try and get comfortable. The result? Very wrinkled clothing. Not a good thing when you are headed out to dinner or to meet friends for a cocktail hour right after your flight lands and won't have time to change clothes!

7. A good non-drowsy motion sickness medication. Or a drowsy one if you happen to suffer motion sickness like I do and have a long or overnight flight that you would like to snooze on. Just make sure you read the label to see how far ahead of time you need to take the medication before flying!

8. A makeup finishing spray that also doubles as a makeup refresher. SO helpful after a long flight and the airflow on the plane has sucked the moisture right from your face! I am loving the Mary Kay Makeup Finishing Spray right now. (Pssssttt... I got connections! Order this spray for yourself, and get 10% off & free shipping when you mention this post. I do not get anything from this- just passing along the savings to you all! ;) )

9. Headphones or ear buds. Just in case you need to plug into your cell or tablet or the in-flight movie and zone out. Or if you have that snoring guy beside you or screaming baby behind you. Often times, flight attendants will provide you headphones for a charge. Bring your own and save the cash.

10. Anti-bacterial hand gel. Because we know that planes can harbor all the germs. Better to be safe than sorry, so I always pop a portable bottle of anti-bac gel into my carry-on bag whenever I travel. 

What are your carry-on bag must-haves?
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