Frugal Foodie Mama: Big Country- Making Travel Dreams a Reality

Monday, July 27, 2015

Big Country- Making Travel Dreams a Reality

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of U.S. Cellular. 
The opinions and text are all mine.
Find out how you can make your's or a loved one's travel dreams a reality with U.S. Cellular & Big Country. #USCCBigCountry
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When I was growing up, travel wasn't a big part of my childhood. I remember a couple of family vacations to beaches that were within a day's driving distance, but that was about it as far as family travel went. Money was tight and neither of my parents were big on long road trips or flying in planes. The travel bug didn't really bite me until years later into my adulthood. I left the small West Virginia town I had grown up in and moved to a much bigger city. And then once I had overcome my fear of flying (I may have suffered a full-on anxiety attack on my first ever flight), I was hooked. I wanted to go and explore and visit as many cities and states as I could afford to. And when I became a mother, those travel experiences were something that I wanted to share with my children as well. I decided that travel would be a part of their childhoods. Not that we have unlimited expendable income for traveling, but we budget for what it is important to us- and the travels, the road trips, the experiences, and the memories we make together are a priority for us. Now I can't imagine my life or theirs without travel. But I had no idea what I had been missing or what my children would have been missing until I actually got out there and overcame my small town girl fears and started traveling. 

Some of you all may find this hard to believe, but 20% of Americans have never left their home state. Whether because of a fear of the unknown, financial restraints, or not enough time, some of our neighbors and friends have never left their state's borders. That is why U.S. Cellular, Travel Channel, and Food Network are teaming up to give some lucky and deserving U.S. Cellular customers the travel opportunity of a lifetime in a brand new series, Big Country. Foodie and travel guru Andrew Zimmern will guide will one chosen newbie traveler through their dream destination on each of the five episodes of Big Country. As these lucky adventurers live out their travel dreams, U.S. Cellular's nationwide coverage will keep them tweeting, Facebooking, Instagramming, and connected to their loved ones from the middle of everywhere. :)

Be sure to check out highlights from the first episode of Big Country below. Julius travels from a small California town across the country to visit and explore the Big Apple with host Andrew Zimmern. Not only did Julius make his lifelong dream of traveling to NYC a reality, he was also able to share this amazing moment in his life with his father thanks to U.S. Cellular's national coverage...

Who would you nominate to make their dream of traveling a reality in the season finale of Big Country? :)

U.S. Cellular is looking to cast one more special customer to take on a trip of a lifetime for the season finale of Big Country! Please visit the link to apply for the opportunity to find yourself in the middle of anywhere with national coverage from U.S. Cellular and TV host Andrew Zimmern on the show Big Country.
This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of US Cellular. The opinions and text are all mine.