Frugal Foodie Mama: 15 Best Christmas Advent Calendars for Kids on Amazon (Updated for 2023)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

15 Best Christmas Advent Calendars for Kids on Amazon (Updated for 2023)

From the LEGO enthusiast to the science driven one to the crafty kiddo, there is a fun advent calendar for every child in your family in this collection of the 15 Best Christmas Advent Calendars for Kids on Amazon...

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It is inevitable that the second the first day of December has arrived that my youngest will incessantly ask me each & every morning this very same question- "Mommy, how many more days until Christmas?". 

Can I get a show of hands from all the parents out there who go through this very same thing each & every December? But I have the perfect solution for you all, my friends- get them an advent calendar! :)

Advent calendars are the perfect way for your kiddos to visualize the countdown to Christmas on their own, plus they get a little bonus treat each day leading up to the 25th. And for us parents, it is fun to get to see their excitement build each day as they open another door of their advent calendar & move one step closer to the big day. 

Bonus? They don't ask us "the question" every morning either!

Now I know some of you all may be scratching your heads right now & wondering why I am sharing a list of kid-friendly advent calendars in October. I mean, we haven't even did the whole Halloween thing yet, right? 

But let me tell you my reasons for sharing these all with you now- November will be here before we know it, & these things start to sell out, get put on back order, & the prices may go up as well. 

So save yourself the headaches & stress (& the possibility of starting the calendar late because of a back-ordered item), and snag one of these for each kiddo in your family now! Seriously you all, don't wait. 

Not only are each of these advent calendars available with free 2-day shipping via Amazon Prime, but I have also managed to find a countdown calendar that would be perfect for each & every kid in the family. From the LEGO enthusiast to the creative & crafty one to the Disney-obsessed kiddo, there is a fun advent calendar for them all in this collection...

Which of these advent calendars would your kids love the most? 
How do you help your kiddos count down the days until Christmas?

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