Frugal Foodie Mama: Mahi Mahi with Fresh Pineapple Salsa

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Mahi Mahi with Fresh Pineapple Salsa

 This light and healthy Mahi Mahi with Pineapple Salsa is the perfect quick and easy summer dinner idea! You can have this on the dinner table in just 20 minutes, folks...

So, life has been a little on the crazy side for me lately. In case some of you all haven't picked up on the little hints I have left here and there on my social media lately, my daughter, fiance, and I are moving to Erie, Pennsylvania in just a couple of weeks. 

Colin has already been in Erie since the end of June starting his new career opportunity, but he has unfortunately been living out of a hotel for almost two months now. To say he is beyond ready to have an actual home and a family to come home to each day is an understatement.

I am going to be in full-on packing and moving mode for the next two weeks or so as I have decided to tackle not only packing my home, but Colin's apartment as well. If any of you all can spare any good vibes or ju-ju (or moving tips!), please send them my way. My sanity will thank you. ;)

In the meantime, I will be playing "clear out the fridge and pantry" in the hopes that I will have less to move by the time the moving truck rolls up into my driveway next weekend. That means most of the meals I will be making over the next week and half will be simple and easy and most importantly, quick.

I have a couple of frozen Mahi Mahi filets sitting in my freezer right now, so this recipe for Mahi Mahi with Fresh Pineapple Salsa will definitely be on my dinner table later this week. This dinner idea only requires a handful ingredients and about 20 minutes to whip up. Easy, peasy, and absolutely fresh and delicious.

Here are a few notes & tips about this recipe:

  • If you don't have Mahi Mahi on hand or aren't a fan of it, you can switch it out for any other mild flavor fish. Try cod, halibut, or rainbow trout instead.
  • If you are using frozen Mahi Mahi filets, be sure to thaw them in the fridge beforehand. 
  • If you like your salsa more on the spicy side, try adding in a tablespoon of diced jalapeno pepper.
  • I like using fresh pineapple in this recipe, but you can also use canned if you happen to be short on time. Buy the canned diced pineapple and be sure to drain the juice off before adding it to the bowl for the salsa.
  • You can easily transform this recipe into tasty fish tacos. Just cut the cooked Mahi Mahi into chunks, fold into warm flour tortillas, and top with the pineapple salsa.
  • Feeding more than two people? This recipe can be easily doubled or tripled.

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