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Saturday, February 9, 2013

First Birthday Wishes for My Sweet Baby Girl...

And in a blink of an eye, you are one year old...
I knew it would go by quickly, but I guess I didn't anticipate it to go by this quickly.
I had no idea how much having you, having a daughter would change me.  
You are the dream I dared to dream just one more time... And that dream finally became my reality.
You have filled spaces in my life, in my heart that I didn't even realize at the time needed to be filled.
Finally, I feel complete.  As a mother. As a woman. 
You were the missing piece, baby girl.

Today on your birthday, I wish you the wonder you possess now to stay with you your entire life.  I wish you confidence.  I wish for you to keep your sass always & that no one or nothing will be able to extinguish that from you ever.

I wish you kindness.  I wish you strength of heart.  Of mind.  Of soul.

I wish you the desire and courage to follow your dreams, your passions. Always.
I wish for you to always know just how very much your mama loves you.  Even when we are bound to clash our stubborn heads now and again when you become a teenager.  
Who I am kidding?  Probably more like when you become a strong-willed toddler. ;)

I wish for you to know that you are always enough.  Please know that success is not always measured in accomplishments, and trophies, and dollar amounts.  Success can be the little things that maybe only you will notice.  Those successes mean the most.  Trust me on this, sweet girl. 

Most of all, today on your very first birthday, I wish for you to slow down.  Just a little.  
I know you have to grow up.  You will have time for that soon.
But for these few short years of childhood, don't rush to "grow up".  Cherish your days of make believe, and butterflies, and princesses, and climbing trees, catching fireflies, having Mommy & Daddy there to kiss it and make it all better...
I know I am and will continue to be cherishing these fleeting moments with you.  

Love Always & With All My Heart,


  1. Happy First Birthday to your sweet baby girl!

  2. Happy Birthday Baby Girl! Blessings and wishes of a bright, healthy and happy future.

  3. Yay!! Feb 9th is a great birthday!! Happy birthday little girl!

  4. Oh, what a cutie!! Happy Birthday to sweet little one!

  5. Happy, Happy 1st Birthday to your little cutie pie!! :o)


  6. Happy Birthday to your beautiful baby girl

    Kate x

  7. Happy Birthday baby girl! So glad we got to share your day with you. You were as lovely as always, beautiful and sweet! Big hugs!!

  8. Aw beautifully written, mama. :) Happy birthday to baby girl! xo

  9. What a cutie! And seriously, your hair looks awesome in that second pic. Perfect curls!

  10. Aw, what a little sweetie! New follower and commenter from

  11. How sweet! Loved the message and those cute, cute photos. Happy birthday to your precious little girl, and congrats on making it through your 1st year + 9 months of motherhood, Carrie.

  12. This is so beautiful! Your daughter is absolutely precious, happy birthday to her! Isn't it insane how fast time goes?! My oldest will be five in April and I keep asking my husband how in the world that is possible already! Thanks for linking up to the mommy brain mixer!


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